Yemen is Starving

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There are many issues in the world right now, but none are more urgent than in Yemen where one child is dying in every 10 minutes due to lack of food, water and medicine.

Sadly, with COVID-19 breaking out across the country, Yemen is facing the biggest emergency in its history. Food prices have doubled in the past month alone. Yemen is on the verge of going extinct and the world has left Yemen to die.

My little sister used to play with me, but since she had malnutrition, she never plays nor talk. I’m afraid I will be like her tomorrow.

-A message from a Yemeni Child

50% of our profit to be donated to

With the small community we have grown together at The Bath Theory, we would like to participate and contribute as much as we could in helping them with this crisis.

On one hand, more people will be able to try our sustainable and cruelty-free skin care, and hopefully be more inspired about sustainable living. On the other hand, they are also contributing to our fellow brothers and sisters that are suffering in Yemen. You can shop our sustainable skin care products here! All orders will come with an A6 info-graphic card with information regarding the Yemen Crisis.

I prayed every day this marriage wouldn’t happen.

-Ranya, 12

With the country’s economy collapsed, Ranya’s sick father sold her as a bride to pay off his debts.

Credit: @thebaththeorysg

What’s happening in Yemen?

“Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world , with more than 24 million people (around 80% of the population) in need of humanitarian assistance. This includes more than 12 million children. Since the Yemeni civil war in March 2015, the country’s has become a living hell for the country’s children.

With COVID-19 now spreading rapidly , Yemen is facing an emergency within an emergency. Sanitation and clean water are in short supply. Only half of health facilities are functioning , and many that remain operational lack basic equipment like masks and gloves, let alone oxygen and other essentials supplies to treat COVID-19. Many health workers are receiving no salaries or incentives. ” – UNICEF

Credit: @thebaththeorysg

Get educated and know what’s happening.

Here are some sources you can look at to learn more about the crisis, why there is a war, COVID-19 in Yemen and more:

So what can we do to help?

1. Share this blog post!

To be honest, as a small start up brand 50% sales profit is a lot for us to bear. Hence, we would need you to help us promote this project to your social media followers as much as possible and hashtag #fundsforyemen.

2. Support The Bath Theory’s Fundraising #fundsforyemen

Buy our sustainable and cruelty-free skin care products on our site and be inspired about sustainable living. 50% of the profit from the our sales will be donated to Save The Children Federation. On top of the purchase OR if you wish to make a donation under The Bath Theory, you may add the “#fundsforyemen – Donations” product into your cart with your desired amount.

The conflict has been going on since 2015, yet there is little media coverage for it. By sharing and informing your friends and family about it, we can hopefully get the media to do the same and get more people to actively help Yemen.

Thank you for being part of our #fundsforyemen project! If you have any question, feel free to email us at


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